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Wise & Rich Employee Fitness Strategies

Motivating Teams - Thrilling Customers

Hello, my name is Nate,
I am one of the lead strategists in our company. 

This is one of my favorite parts in our service portfolio. Growing up in the 60s & 70s, customer service was much different compared to today. Back then when you went to tank your car, you didn't have to leave the car, there was a man dressed in uniform, who did it all, gassed your car, cleaned your windshield, checked your oil, and the best part, you gave him the cash and he did the transaction. Very seldom you will experience an excellent service at the petrol station or anywhere for that matter nowadays.
I want to change this by offering you over 40 years of my expertise, in various sectors (medicine, gastronomy, finance, fitness, retail shops, automobile etc.).
I want to be a part of positive change in our economy.
I can help your team with the skills in cold calling, email communication, social group interactions live and online. Team motivation, team physical fitness, closing deals with individual clients, companies and more!
Below you will find areas where we can get your team fit.
We look forward to working with you.

Get a healthy competitive advantage over other companies.

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Customer interaction Training

Solving your customers problem, understanding their desires.

Learn how to increase your sales through pleasant interactions with your customers in retail. Team members learn how to, prepare before the shop opens, effectively greet customers as soon as they enter the store, listening, correct reaction, making successful sales.

Your potential customer expects your team to:

  • Be personally accountable for desired results

  • Understand their unique needs

  • Be a customer advocate

  • Design or recommend the right solution for them

  • Be easily accessible if problems occur

  • Be creative when responding to changing need


If you are ready for change and getting your team in sync with your company identify and your products  then hit the button start today.

Customer interaction

Team member motivation and fitness

We all know that healthy team members are more cost efficient as an unhealthy member. There are less absenteeisms and better work performance.

Our sessions are an easy simple approach, which result in highly motivated team members, who work together for the common goal.

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With only 2 days a week, your team members will be less stressed and ready to take on the day with a smile!

Inquire here!

Gastro Excellence

Gastro Excellence Training

Staff training Strategies made simple.

It's pretty obvious which type of service we wish to experience!

Waiter Serving Wine with Ocean View

Regardless of your restaurant's size or style, the staff makes it happen.
During your customers visit, your team members have the most face time and positive interactions can make the difference to ensure these same patrons return and recommend your house further.

      Make sure you​...

  • Update your restaurant employee handbook.

  • Create a training plan.

  • Modernize your training program.

  • Offer role-specific training.

  • Run a test shift simulation.

  • Gather training feedback.

  • React to guest feedback.

  • Keep your team fit.

Wise & Rich Restaurant Training Strategies will assist you in getting your staff fit for Gastro Excellence!

Staff Attending Team Meeting In Empty Dining Room.jpg

We can assist you with...

  • Pre Service

   (Hygiene/ grooming, uniform, menu, safety, maintenance awareness...)

  • ​Service area preparation

  • ​Service simulation

  • Greeting and seating

  • Menu presentation (Food, Beverages, Desserts)

  • Presenting the bill

  • Clearing tables, stacking and sorting dishes

  • Closing the Guest experience

  • My restaurant is my home

  • Up-selling

Just to name a few.

So please feel free to contact us when you are ready for positive change.

We will gladly discuss your needs and see if we can assist you.


Just click on the button.

Wise Hospitality Strategies

What does the future of hospitality look like?
Here a clip from HB Roundtable.

There are five segments in the hospitality industry:
Food & Beverages, Trave& Tourism, Lodging, conference and Recreation.
As we know, hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
The hospitality industry goes back over thousands of years, and has steadily innovated. The demand will still exist, so will the importance of having a professional staff.

You won't get any  monkey business with us! But we promise to keep our sessions entertaining! 

Your team is a reflection of your hotels hospitality culture, they need to be trained, kept motivated and up to date.
Wise & Rich Hospitality Training Services can help you stay competitive, with our "welcome home" training sessions. 

Customer Service Rep

The initial contact with your guest, whether by telephone, online or in person must be informative, precise, fast, interesting, truthful and most of all friendly!
We can help!

Red Carpet Event

When your guest has finally decided to choose you over your competitors & stay at your hotel, start cleaning your red carpet.

A woman checking-in a hotel

Your guest is now coming home and will be looking forward to a friendly, clean and comfortable lodging. You've made sure all amenities, requests and wishes are ordered and waiting on stand by.

We can assist you!

Image by The HK Photo Company

Your guest can be one of your most powerful marketing tools, or your biggest detractor.

Guest reviews in social media channels, or direct on your website should be taken very seriously. They have to be read and responded to most hotels are very lazy in this area.
We can help in this area as well.

If your guests and your employees mean more to you than just as a source of income, and you want to contribute to a fair and sustainable operational work place, then Wise & Rich Hospitality Strategies will be happy to receive your inquiry and hear your story. 
Just click the button and talk to us!


Sales Training Strategies

This area is for the more intense sales activities, such as Retirement Investments, Real Estate, Automobiles, and other premium products.

An effective Sales Strategy has good organizational, presentation, listening, rapport building, emotional intelligence and negotiation skills just to name a few. 

You need to know who you are going to sell to, what your sales and marketing message is, what you are selling, how you are going to sell them and how you are going to close negotiations.

Businessman Thinking

We help you set a clear market strategy:

  • Grow existing accounts

  • Revenue with existing products

  • Revenue from new products

  • Up and cross selling

  • Acquisition plan

  • Customer mix

  • Product mix

Data on a Touch Pad

Measure sales performance

  • check your sales forecasting accuracy

  • cost of sales analysis

  • time and money spent on customers

  • lead to conversion ratio

  • the return on sales costs

Know your Market - Know your Customer!

Nine things you should know about your customers
1. Who they are
What's your customer's gender, age, marital status and occupation. If you are B2B, what's the size and type of business.
2. What they do
Find out what your clients want to achieve.
3. Why they buy
When you know why customers buy a product or service, you can easily match their needs to the benefits your business can offer.
4. When they buy
Timing is essential, approach your customer at the right time for better chances of success.
5. How they buy
Some people prefer Online Shopping others prefer a face-to-face meeting.
6. What's their budget
Your chances of success with your customer will be higher when you match what your offering to what you know your customer can afford.
7. What they expect of you
For example, if your customers expect timely service and you meet their expectations, you stand a great chance of repeat business.
8. What they think about you
If your customers enjoy dealing with you, they will spread the news and they will likely buy again.
9. Their opinion about your competitors
When you know how your customers view your competition, your chances of staying ahead of your rivals are much higher.

Wise & Rich Sales Strategies will help you and your team sell your ideas, concepts or products.
It's important for us, that they are ethical and safe for the environment.

Giving a Presentation

Employees are people too!

Remember employees are people too, and it is important that they have a healthy balance of physical and mental power. They may be easy to exchange for you, but it could also be mutual. Find common ground with your team. Treat them with respect, give them the feeling of being valued and this will better your chances for success in your business.

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