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Having an Event and looking for an inspiring motivating experience for your guests?

Motivation is the driving force behind our actions, the spark that propels us towards our goals and aspirations. Whether you're seeking to excel in your career, achieve personal growth, or simply find the inspiration to tackle life's challenges, understanding and harnessing motivation is key.


Hi, my name is Nate.
I was raised on the East Coast of the USA by a single mom until the 80's then it was time to see the world and make plenty of mistakes and finally "Get it"...My Calling!

In 1979 I went to Germany as a U.S. Soldier. It was such an Ego Booster having people cheer as we rolled down the streets in our military vehicles, and then suddenly I realized why I was there as a soldier. After 6 years I got out. Back then I had no clue what I would be, all I knew until then was the Military.  

Between 1985 and 2001 I made a very interesting journey in the corporate world from entry level to Management. From customer service in the hotel-casino industry to financial planning in the investment sector.
I am thankful for all of the experiences I've had and the international people I've met!
Now at 62, I understand a whole lot more about life, people, and how to motivate them positively for their success.

As a dedicated and passionate motivational speaker, I focus on empowering individuals and teams to excel in sales, service, and networking. With a relatable and engaging approach, I share practical strategies and inspiring stories that resonate with both novices and seasoned professionals.
Sales: I provide actionable insights into effective sales techniques, fostering confidence and resilience in the face of challenges. My sessions help participants understand customer needs, build rapport, and close deals with integrity and enthusiasm.
Service: I emphasize the importance of exceptional customer service, illustrating how going the extra mile can lead to lasting customer relationships and repeat business. Through real-life examples and interactive activities, I teach the art of active listening, empathy, and problem-solving.
Networking: I guide audiences in mastering the art of networking, from building meaningful connections to leveraging relationships for mutual success. My talks highlight the value of authenticity, effective communication, and strategic follow-up in expanding one's professional network.
Join me in transforming your mindset and skill set, unlocking new levels of achievement and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.


My Topics of interest:


  • Sales Strategy

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Motivation

  • Communication Skills

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Personal Development

  • Networking and Relationship Building

sales: Strategies for effective leadership, team building, and organizational success.

Innovation & Technology: Latest trends in technology, fostering innovation, and staying ahead in a competitive market.

Personal Development: Techniques for personal growth, goal setting, and achieving peak performance.

Diversity & Inclusion: Importance of inclusivity, creating diverse work environments, and harnessing the power of different perspectives.

Health & Wellness: Balancing work and life, mental health awareness, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.



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I really like people and help to Make Lives Better!

I would like to bring my expertise to your next event or team with our engaging motivational speeches.

No matter what your concept is, we will ignite the Audience!

​Contact us today to schedule a booking!


Who needs Motivation?

We all do...
Individuals Pursuing Personal Goals

Ultimately, motivation is a fundamental aspect of human psychology that drives individuals to set goals, take action, and pursue their aspirations, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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