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Welcome to the W.A.R. Strategies Group!

Business & Lifestyle Consultancy 

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Dolphins are highly intelligent, have excellent navigation skills, and work effectively as a team! That's why we chose our logo, but also because we like dolphins so much.
Come experience your possibilities with the Wise and Rich Strategies Group today!

Opinions without knowledge... are like oceans without water!

Here you will find some of our company's focal points.

Wise Marketing Solutions

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Wise Marketing Solutions provides comprehensive marketing services for businesses of any size. Our experienced team can help you with all your online, video, and social media needs, as well as planning and running events. We bring fresh ideas and solutions to the table, all at an affordable price, so you can get the best results from your marketing efforts.

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Affordable Wise Websites 

Our Wise Websites service offers you opportunity and an advantageous position over your competition.
We offer fast and easy solutions for creating an affordable presence On/Offline.
Our website development services are designed to provide you with a professional, custom-made website, connected to all social media and help you stand out from the crowd.

Contact us and see how affordable and easy this can happen for You!

Affiliate Marketig

We Love Children!

All children need to be protected from all immoralities in our society.
We are strong supporters helping to make change and to empower them.

We can not change the world alone, but we will do our part.
We are not looking for praise for that which is everyone's duty, which is why we do not find it necessary to list all of our activities, only to know for example, that we are active in the education and development of our children on our planet.
We are also concerned with other subjects which help provide a clean society, clean fashion, clean food, eliminating immorality, promoting education for an overall better future for the coming generations.

Children deserve a chance to live their dream in security and grow in a clean environment, we appreciate all who wish to help promote this.
Enjoy the stay on our pages.


​​We are Wise & Rich Strategies Group it's in the Name.


We cant Wait to sit and talk with You!

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